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We fabricate and characterize quantum materials with atomic thicknesses at femtosecond time scales. Utilizing the first-of-its-kind Microscopy And Spectroscopy for Transient Electronic-matter Research (MASTER) platform, we employ molecular beam epitaxy to engineer quantum materials layer-by-layer, and characterize the electronic structures of these materials using equilibrium and non-equilibrium photoemission spectroscopy. The holistic probing of quantum materials in the domains of energy, momentum, space, and time allows us to gain deep understanding of macroscopic quantum phenomena, and connect the material properties to applications in spintronics, topotronics, and quantum information sciences. We are particularly interested in quantum phenomena emerging at material interfaces, such as interfacial superconductivity and various topological orders. We are also developing new instrumentation which will allow us to print reconfigurable quantum circuits at sub-micron scales.

Micro-ARPES spectrum of Bi2Se3. The energy (vertical) and momentum (horizontal) ranges are 500 meV and 0.3 Å-1, respectively.

Designed by the Yang Lab, this tool in a layer-by-layer process shows a “movie” of how #electrons move in quantum materials and could be a step toward harnessing the materials for future #quantum #technology applications.

Recent News

June 3, 2024- A new paper published on Nano Letters and featured by PME here!

May, 2024- The Reviews of Modern Physics article on BEC-BCS crossover in collaboration with Prof. K. Levin’s group has been published.

March 29, 2023- Patrick won this year’s NSF GRFP fellowship. Congratulations, Patrick!

March 23, 2023- Woojoo and Sebastian’s Nature Physics paper got published today, which is also featured on Nature Physics’s news. A PME press release tells about the work here. Congratulations!

February 07, 2023- Undergraduate member Bill Zheng has been named as a 2022-2023 Quad Research Scholar. Congratulations Bill!

February 2, 2023- The Yang Lab welcomes our new postdoc member, Dr. Qiang Gao. Welcome, Dr. Gao!

January 27, 2023- Shuolong was awarded a new NSF grant to manufacture new quantum devices! Congrats!

December 1, 2022- The Yang group is excited to welcome a new member, Dr. Gabriele Ghil Berruto!

November 11, 2022- Our new Oxide MBE system has arrived!

October 31, 2022- Chenhui’s paper on MBT-1610 has been published in Nano Letters, which is featured in the PME press release. Congratulations!

September 1, 2022- Shuolong won a new DOE award jointly with Prof. Chong Liu and Prof. Shirley Meng for the multi-PI project titled “Electric field driven precision material synthesis.” Congratulations!

June 7, 2022-  Shuolong has been awarded the U.S. Department of Energy’s Early Career Research Program. This award will support Yang Lab’s research on new topological superconductors and other quantum materials. 

June 2, 2022- Rahim successfully defended his undergraduate thesis work “Analysis of Strontium Titanate RHEED during annealing using Principal Component Analysis and Non-negative Matrix Factorisation.” Congratulations Rahim!

May 31, 2022- Chenhui’s joint paper on MBT147 has been published in Phys. Rev. Materials. Congratulations Chenhui!

May 18, 2022- Undergraduate member Jess has been awarded a Quad Summer Undergraduate Research Award. Congratulations Jess!

April 2022- The Yang Lab welcomes new undergraduate member Bill Zheng who has already been awarded a Metcalf award to pursue research in our lab. Welcome Bill!

April 4, 2022- Emanuel was offered a 2022 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF)! We are very proud!

December 6, 2021- Shuolong has won an NSF CAREER award which will enable the Yang group to fabricate and characterize the next generation of topological superconductors.

November 16, 2021- Undergraduate member Emanuel Green has been named as a 2021-2022 Quad Research Scholar. Congratulations Emanuel!

November 10, 2021- The Yang Group’s instrumentation paper has been published in Review of Scientific Instruments and described in a new PME article. Congratulations to everyone for this group effort!

November 2021- The Yang group in collaboration with the Zhong group has won a MRSEC seeding grant to pursue cavity-driven hybrid topological materials.

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